The Fondation of the International Festival of Extraordinary Textiles

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The Extraordinary Textiles Foundation is a platform for presenting all the activities carried out by the HS Projets association.

“Foundation of Extra Ordinary Textiles under the auspices of the Bullukian Foundation recognized as public utility”.

Because the fabric is everywhere, in every country in the world, in our homes, our public places and places of prayer.

Because it takes all forms, a handkerchief or a work of art, and all the senses, practical, aesthetic and symbolic.

Because it consists of manual and mechanical know-how of several generations and it testifies of the human genius, individual and collective. Because it has a capacity of adaptation out of norms, of lace of shoe it becomes braid ultra efficient used for the boats.

Because it is currently a technical solution for aeronautics and aerospace. Because fabric, besides being a utilitarian object with multiple facets, indispensable to the daily life of Man, also plays an essential role in the expression of peoples and cultures. In this it is extra ordinary.

Our vision

Textile, man’s metaphor

The fabric is in the image of Man, its history, its hidden meanings, its changes, its perpetual modernity makes it a wonderful element to understand the diversity of the world.

Our missions

Understanding the diversity of human cultures through textiles  

“Expanding our textile design”

To demonstrate that there are as many textiles as men: from woven to non-woven, braided, from animal, vegetable and synthetic fibers. We connect a plurality of actors, artists, craftsmen, companies, designers, crossing geographies, mixing artistic forms and conjugating temporalities.    

“Addressing corporate issues through the textile industry”  

The fabric speaks, has a historical depth and a political power. Through these “extra ordinary” textiles we deal with societal issues of a collective nature such as inequalities, recognition of differences, access to education …

“Being a social actor promoting emancipation”

We work in an inter-cultural and cross-disciplinary way.

Our organization and our projects are part of the territory through actions that seek to break down social, cultural, territorial or generational barriers to access to creation (hospitals, prisons, suburbs, asylum seekers’ centers and Retirement homes …).

Values Humility – Curiosity – Listening

A prerequisite for understanding the world would be humility, discretion, curiosity, listening, the search for the unknown and the recognition of diversity. The humility to recognize that one does not know and understands everything, and that one would need to know better to better understand, the discretion that makes it possible to better see and hear this and those who make little noise, curiosity To go to see what does not appear at first glance, the search for the unknown and the consideration of those who bear the differences.

Alterity – Emancipation – Fraternity

Each one carries its differences and each is equal to the other. Through a knowledge of these differences, we develop our ability to appreciate the other, reducing the risks of misunderstanding. By creating collaborative spaces / times of confrontation and sharing of practices, we aim to improve human relationships and a sense of belonging to the human community. This leads to the defense of the same rights and duties and the sharing of common values ​​such as freedom, equity, brotherhood.

Surprise – Inventiveness – Emergence

Everything has not been tried, everything has not been created, Man has not said his last word! We believe that invention and innovation are always possible and necessary. Thus, special attention is given to the conditions for the emergence of creation in a logic of co-construction: workshops, artistic residences, intergenerational exchanges. We seek to invent new solidarity mechanisms to support contemporary creation with a view to social innovation.

Becoming a sponsor of the Extra Ordinary Textiles Foundation is:

Participate actively in actions such as FITE and Mémoire et création contemporaine in Madagascar.

Reinforce the commitment of your employees and your clients around a common project, innovative and bringing meaning and openness to each participant.

Show your commitment to the valorisation of cultural diversity.

Contribute to the development of creativity.

As a patron of the Extra Ordinary Textiles Foundation, you can choose the type of support best suited to your company, your vocation, your values ​​and your means of action. Whether you decide to support a program of actions or more specifically a project; Whether you prefer a one-time boost or a long-term commitment; Each partnership is built à la carte to meet your expectations as closely as possible; It is by bringing together all the actors concerned, from near and far, that we will advance the impact of projects such as the FITE and Memory and Patrimony of Madagascar.

Depending on your commitment, we thank you in a number of ways:  Invitation and exclusive visit of the FITE exhibition to the Bargoin Museum with one of the commissioners

  • Free access to the exhibition
  • Place reserved during the meetings, the parade and other events organized within the framework of the FITE Intervention in the publication of the FITE Publication of FITE
  • Invitation to the evening of patrons
  • Periodic information on the Foundation’s actions and actions
  • Meetings with artists
  • Personalized access to artists’ creations
  • Products
  • Mention of the name (or logo) on the communication media of the actions of the FTEO
  • Themed trips and trips (without charge)
  • Project to be developed according to your wishes Tax deduction for patronage


66% of the donation is deductible (up to 20% of taxable income). ISF – 75% of the amount of the deductible donation (ceiling at 50.000 €).


– 66% of the donation is deductible (up to 20% of taxable income). ISF – 75% of the amount of the deductible donation (ceiling at 50.000 €).


– 60% of the amount of the donation is deductible (within the limit of 0,5% of turnover excluding taxes).

The offices of the Extra Ordinary Textile Foundation can be found in the Showroom Gallery 7, Textile Design, 7 place Gailleton, 69002 Lyon.

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